Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I hurt in places that I didn't know I had!

Ok, I think it's Official. I am too old to keep up with 20 year olds, I have a new reason to keep up the non-smoking thing and I need to see a doctor about my spur in my left heal.

We have been throwing the old pigskin out in the parking lot at work for a few weeks. Although my job includes many designing, consulting, delegating and management details; and all the perks that go with it (yea, right), I am still a part of the 'fabrication shop'. A working foreman, if you will. When choo-choo drivers (oops, sorry..Official Engineers) needs a little help with reality, they come to me. I so wanted to be an Engineer after leaving the Navy, but I ran out of money for college and dropped out with my Associates.

Anyway, my throwing arm has been damaged over the last few weeks and I am sure I would be better just cutting it off. That outside muscle on my left shoulder is about to tear off. Ok, who had the bright idea of actually playing school yard football at lunch+? This was to be a stress reliever, not a sport! Ah, what the heck, I'm in!

I was not much of an athlete in school, but I played 'many oh games' of football over at the Goodwills Playground. 'Prison Roles!' Mike, Wayne, Scott, Shawn..... We played hard. I got my ass kicked many of times, mostly because I was always the smaller, lesser one. But, I could always catch a ball and hit very, very hard. That kid is gone, only to be replaced by a 35ish year old, 18 year smoker, hard life living, kid loving, people hating, baseball coaching, (average) parent hating, unhappy and misguided dad.

This started with 2 on 2. Well, Jeremy has absolutely no knows of football roles, but has an arm, big time. Go figure, he is almost my age and smokes even more that I used to. OK, 2 on 2 with an unbiased QB for both sides. Works great, other than I am running in boots on 4" of asphalt.

I hurt soooo bad! I can't even walk without a noticeable limp, but don't tell the kids! All will be better tomorrow, I hope! (It has been so far, gulp...) I need to look into that heal. Been unable to work without pads for over a year. FUCK IT HURTS! Sorry.....


Blogger Crystal said...

that's funny. my dad is the same way. firefighters get pretty damn competitive and he is too old and beat up to be playing street b-ball with those young guys. comes home and whines to mom, but wont just NOT play. and i believe that muscle on your left shoulder is called the deltoid :)

just remember, you got atleast one thing going for you, and that's skillz!

11/02/2005 5:23 AM  
Blogger Carnealian said...

A good handful of ibuprophen should do the trick. It'll be good for your throwing arm. Keep it up, after a while, it won't be so painful anymore. I'm sure you're a stud...you're just being shy.

11/02/2005 7:14 AM  
Blogger mattandriver said...

Today is more painful. I walk with a limp. Ibuprophen is over-rated. I really need to look into this spur a little further...

But, I'm still on "d" baby! You don't want to throw my way!

Stud? Ummm....... NO!

11/02/2005 10:19 PM  
Blogger InterstellarLass said...

I find it funny when guys try to 'reclaim' their youth and end up looking older. :) But you're having fun playing, right? I mean, if it's fun, don't quit!

11/03/2005 11:14 AM  
Blogger Dorman said...

screw ibuprofren.......BEER. it won't fix your foot but it will keep you off your feet.

11/04/2005 6:09 PM  

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