Monday, December 04, 2006

This must be how blond jokes are made...

The kids and I were shopping at K-Mart this evening. After picking out a bunch of items I tell the kids that we’re going to lay them away until the weekend when we can sneak them into the house while Mom’s busy. My daughter quickly spoke up saying “you can’t, Lay-Away is closed.” I said “what do you mean it’s closed?” She told me that there was a sign back in the Lay-Away Department that said it was only open on Sunday, Thursdays and Saturdays. Rather than arguing with her, I simply say we have to go look for sure. On the way back there, she told me the story in more detail about a sign on the counter giving the hours, and according to her, they only had hours on those three days.

Once we got there, my daughter immediately pointed out the sign on the counter and said, and I quote: “Ya see, it says Sunday, Thursday and Saturday!” The sign read as follows:


Sunday Thru Saturday…


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