Monday, August 15, 2005

Well it was nice....

My day at a glance. Well, this will probably sound dumb until I am finished, but what the heck... Here goes.....

I worked on my truck. That was first because it has been neglected for too long. I used to be a mechanic in and after high school, so I try to do most of the maintained myself. A few spark plugs, filters, and so on later, done. Oh, short bike ride. Fixed a few items on the bike, another neglected item. I have allot of those.

Oh, some blogging. That was ok. Wow, how quiet the house is during the day. That is something I am not used to. Silence sounds weird. I ate lunch at Pizza Hut. In and out in record time. I stopped and did some car shopping for my wife. Long story, but don't ever buy a Ford Focus! What a piece of sh*&!

Then comes the long bike ride. Very nice. I live on a hill, all but at the top. I get good uphill and down without even going far. But, this ride was a good distance. Over to Shikellamy State Park and around that a few times. I find it interesting to watch the people during the day when I am usually at work. I sometimes wonder why they are not at work. Do they work another shift? Are they stay at home people without employment? It is in now way any of my business, but I wonder non the less.

I stopped at the local paint store to do some business. Side note: You know, people look at you funny when you go into an air conditioned store totally soaked in sweat. I find that hilarious for some reason. Ok, business done. Move on.

I riding my bike up to the local skate/bike park and watching the kids do tricks on the 1/4 pipes. It brings back memories of my childhood, but I wish that had that park when I was growing up. We had to find out own places and get kicked off of peoples properties. Oh course, that was fun in itself.

Bike ride over, did some more work at the donated home for the church. Almost ready for paint.

Well, fun time over. First my daughter. Bet we went for another bike ride. Then another kid files in. Oh and then the usual starts. Things like 'stop it! Don't do that. Hey!' fill the house. Back to reality.


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Kudos on the long bike ride. A good mind-clearing activity!

I know that feeling...they're so precious, but they can walk in the door 'Mom, he touched me again!' and it's on. :P

8/16/2005 4:35 AM  
Blogger InterstellarLass said...

How's reality treating you? Need another "ME" day yet?

Your answers to my game are on my blog. :)

8/17/2005 10:19 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

matt, i think its seriously hilarious that you linked pizza hut. you are a guber, hehe. im j/k

8/17/2005 10:40 AM  
Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Well, if he's not a guber, can he be a goober? :D I think maybe he was practicing his (a href) tags.

8/17/2005 1:02 PM  
Blogger mattandriver said...

Wow. A rough crowd.

8/17/2005 3:45 PM  
Blogger InterstellarLass said...

ha ha. we're just teasin' ya! :P

8/17/2005 4:43 PM  
Blogger mattandriver said...

Yea, I know.

8/17/2005 6:30 PM  

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