Saturday, December 16, 2006

Boo's trying his hardest...

As some may already know, my son signed up for wrestling this year. Some say he is built for it, and weighing in at 90+ pounds at the age of seven, it would seem that Boo is. The trouble is, my son’s size has always kept him from being as fast as other kids his age. He’s the second to largest on the team. Taking this into consideration, he’s getting better. I see improvement during and after every practice. Plus, just like most first year kids in any sport, there is a learning curve to overcome. The other kids on the team all seem to love him and support him all the way. I believe this is mostly due his attitude. He’s always laughing and smiling, no matter what happens. He always has his head up, just glad to be there with his ‘friends’. Hell, during the first week of practice, a teammate took him down hard. Boo was laughing all the way, just having a blast!

Tonight was Boo’s very first match. I could tell he was just a little bit nervous, yea he wanted to get right in there and join the fun. I did not wrestle in high school and this was the first wrestling match I was to since I was in 10th grade. Sadly, I couldn’t even tell my son what to expect, I had no idea what today’s protocol was. Never the less, again my kid just fell into place, as he always seems to do. The coaching staff on his team are also very friendly and helpful, the best as far as I am concerned.

If you want to watch something totally cute and funny as hell, come to a match and watch the little ones go at it, kindergarteners weighing in at less than 40 pounds. If you look up cute in the dictionary, there is a picture of this beside it (For those of you from Alabama, a dictionary is a book).

Finally the time came. Knowing his weight would cause this, Boo ended up wrestling a 4th grader who was faster, stronger and smarter. I knew this a few days before but never told him. I didn’t want to scare him. The two boys shook hands and took to there positions. The referee blew the whistle. The other boy quickly shot at Boo’s legs.
Boo was flipped on his back, fighting to keep his shoulders off the mat. Then, in less than 30 seconds, Boo was pinned.The kid he was up against was tough. He was put in an almost unfair situation. Yet, he got up, shook the kid’s hand, and walked back to his team smiling! He had just wrestled his first match, and win or loose, THAT was really mattered, his first match! Upon exiting the mat Coach John, my favorite coach of the bunch, gave him some big high fives and some words of encouragement. Boo got his ass kicked, but he’s standing proud!


Blogger Carnealian said...

So, will you be going to the gay bars with him when he gets older after he takes a liking to wearing spandex leotards and rolling around on the floor with other guys?? ROFL!! I'm just kidding! I'm glad he's enjoying this!

12/22/2006 11:14 AM  

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