Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bout time something good happened.

My life is very stressful these days. Many things within my world seem to be falling apart all at once. Today though, there is a shinning moment for my little world. Our baseball season has come to and end. Coaching “my son’s team” has been a joy for years now, but this year was different. This year we were up in the minors. I wasn’t going to coach this year at all, but some parents (and kids) gently nudged me into it. I am not a professional coach. I played the game of baseball as a child, but teaching a group of kids how to do the same was a challenge. My coaching style is a bit unusual. I’m like another parent out there, just encouraging the kids to play hard and give 100%. I read coaching tips online and try to apply them in my own manner.

Well, this style of coaching has given 10 kids(yea, Ryan's back!!!) the chance to be stars. We played a game last night at 8PM. After winning, we played another at 8AM this morning, followed by another at 10AM. We took 3rd place in the regular season and 3rd place in the Tournament. A brand new team with only 3 kids who even knew how to play in this division was one hit away from taking 2nd in the tournament, leaving my ace crying after striking out to end the game. He’s hard on himself, but and a great leader. Many kind words were said to him after the game and later in the afternoon. He’ll be ok.

I’m tired to no end.


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