Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ahhh, the silence!

Ok, my day is done. As I wait for my wife and kids to return from Christmas Village, I can now sit here in front of the computer and read. I was kind of planning to go along on the trek with them, but I got suckered into playing a Shepherd in tonight’s Christmas Cantata at the church. At least I didn’t have to speak. As we waited for our entrance time, I was joking about messing up the plan. In traditional form, both of us shepherds had staffs. My evil plan was for both of us, once ‘front and center’, to turn our staffs into light sabers and play out the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker fight from Star Wars. After some near tearful laughs about the idea, we concluded that the music director, who also doubles as my music teacher in middle school, would have a heart attack on sight.

I got all of my hunting cloths out of my truck and back into their proper place until next year. Well ok, maybe not completely put away, but at least out of the truck and into the house.

I have determined that my dog cannot survive without having the kid(s) around. He has been doing nothing walking around the house looking for kids. He has even gone into my son’s bedroom and cried like he wanted out. My daughter will be dropped off at her moms on the way home, so the dog will have to survive with just one kid.

Lazy yet obnoxious dog for sale! Any bidders?


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