Monday, August 28, 2006

It no leap, it's a calculated 400 mph jump.

Now that my duties within our little baseball league are all but at a standstill until next year, my job duties have exploded. I have had a total of 1 day off in three weeks, but I hope to enjoy a full 4 days off this holiday weekend if all goes well. Although my job drives me crazy at times, I get to meet some very influential people, from all across the spectrum. I was offered a job in the “desert”, and again from our customer more local. Companies like these can send you almost anywhere you would like to go. But, it’s hard to be a ‘super parent’ when you’re not around. Someone told me once that life is full of choices; finding a balance between hesitation and haste is the hard part. On a basic level it makes perfect sense. Wait too long and your window closes, choose to quickly and you make an irrevocable mistake.

Having said this, I leave you with these somewhat undefined quotes. These quotes are from people whom I ether work with or for. I only with I could give you the prelude to most of these.

$ “Well, you ARE an impressive woman…”

$ “…yes, I am an impressive woman, and this impressive woman will make him…”

$“I have leaking tires on both of our four wheelers, but different tires…”

$“I just can’t take it anymore, Jeff. I’m gona punch him right in the mouth.”

$“Calm down sport, he’ll kill you.” (guess I wasn’t very supportive on that one)

$ “I haven’t tested a tank since I almost blew up the last one, I haven’t been asked to…”

$“Apparently your instructions still haven’t sunk in, he’s still trying to…”

$“Far too many people are just too damn serious!” (that's mine)

$“It’s nice to work with someone that is not only willing to help, but also knowledgeable. Seriously, it’s hard to find. “

$“We have a plan here. It’s a good plan, it just isn’t going to work.”

I only wish I could write down all of them as they happen. I forget almost all of them as my mind is on other items.

Ahhh, the leap of faith……


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