Thursday, December 29, 2005


I have been doing a lot of thinking in the fast few months, maybe even years. How my life has changed in the 35 years (almost 36, my Birthday is next week). My thoughts take me back to simpler times. Before child support hearings, custody fights, family issues, bills, neglected kids, sadness, discontent, pain and much more. Back to a time when my worse worry was how pissed Bill’s mom was going to be when I came over again. I was the root of all evil to her. She chased me out of her house with a baseball bat once. (Sweet!!)

I can remember times when the ‘Packer Street’ cemetery was used as a hiding stop, or gathering point when we were into some trouble as kids. The cemetery has not changed but in a few little ways, but it’s use for me has. It has been converted into a dog walking, kid bike riding, finding yourself place.

The area once called the humps (that was one name) is now being converted into a wildlife observation area for the local school district. I rode my bike on the old train road many times this summer, again trying to find myself I guess.
Life is what it is. Things will change yet somehow stay the same. We will make friends, and make enemies. Now I find myself trying to mold kids into what society will expect them to be. No matter what happens in my life, I will still coach another baseball team full of kids next summer. This is my little donation to them, and to the world we will live in someday.


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I think a cemetery is the best place to think and be quiet with your thoughts. I love a good long walk in a cemetery. We all have to soul search at some time or other...or we'd be stagnant. Sometimes we're forced to do it. I was forced to this year as well. I'm going to say that was a good thing!

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