Friday, January 27, 2006

Long week

Home: The boo has to start growing up soon. He's so smart for six yet so freaking immature. I keep thinking to myself “it will just click one day” yet it just never does. We went out to eat tonight. He could read almost every word on the menu. He’s already great in math and always asking me math questions. I just wish he’d pay attention and focus a little. Everything is a pain in his day except doing what HE wants.

Work: If I end up in hell, I know what it will be like for me. I will be surrounded by miles of stainless steel pipe, yet none if it will fit up correctly. There will be pumps, yet none will have motors spun to the correct schemes needed. All vendors will seem to drop the ball, and all at the same time. The price of steel and stainless will jump more than 200% because of china overbidding on precious coke needed to manufacture it, plus all our customers specs will forbid using products from china. Wait…. I’m in hell.

That’s it. I’m going for a beer.


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