Friday, April 14, 2006

Rain, rain, go away......

Although we managed to dodge the bullet on Thursday, today’s rainy weather has washed away any hope for practices. I stopped at the fields on the way home to find puddles of water, so I made the call. Its kind of nice having some free time… and look what I’m doing, blogging, go figure.

It seems almost every day I get a phone call from a parent wanting to register his or her child. Signup ends on the official opening day, May 6th. All four leagues are at or near maximum capacity so I hope the calls stop soon. The hats and uniforms are already ordered so it’s too late to add another team. Plus our lovely new Mayor has stated that the light on the minors and majors fields, are not to be used for practices, due to city budget cuts. I guess if the city pays the light bills, they can also turn them off. I’m thinking about walking down the street and egging his house out of spite.

Have a happy Easter everyone!


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