Friday, May 12, 2006

Reflection…maybe...I forget...

This evening, as I worked at the concession stand burning hot dogs, hamburgers and porogies, it hit me. Our league has over 400 kids this year. Grade school math and a little assumption makes for about 800 parents. I made a statement during the last board meeting stating the obvious. Our entire league is built on parents. Our league president is a Grandparent to a child within the league. The VP, doubling as my wife at times, is a parent. All of the executive board members are parents. The list leads on and on, from the board of directors, to the team moms, all parents.

I am also a parent. My son is in the league. I want to help in every way I can, for the kids. Now, let’s calculate more of those basic math skills. There are only 19 administrative positions within our league. I hold 3 of them. Why is this?

Ok, let’s tally it all up… I currently have the following titles within the league: Tee-Ball Commissioner, Co-Coach Pitch Commissioner, General Board Member, Coach, Safety Officer and now, until the next board meeting, Commissioner of the League. I am holding 6 titles, yet we have 800 parents.

And to think, many years ago, all I wanted was to watch my son play a sport. My cell phone bill for this month was almost $200.00. What the fuck are all these other parents doing? I’ll tell you, dropping their kids off to a game or practice and leaving. Some parents can’t even make it back in time for end of the game, leaving the coaches and others to baby-sit them until they return. I think I put a stop on at least one set of parents after I went off on them, big time!

My personal life, if not my life in general, has been put on hold this year.


Blogger Carnealian said...

Thanks for taking care of all the mathy stuff for me. You know I'd be here with a calculator, up till all hours working on those word problems!!

5/14/2006 2:57 PM  
Blogger mattandriver said...

How are you down there carn?

5/14/2006 4:36 PM  
Blogger Carnealian said...

I'm doing well. You will be coming to visit when Dorman gets home won't you??? Tell T to get her party skirt on!

5/14/2006 8:27 PM  

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